Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review of The Perfect Letter by Chris Harrison

Love lost, love found. Perfect book for people who love to read about second chances at love. Always take a chance no matter what.

Review of The Breaking Point by Jefferson Bass

A fiction book about forensic science. Science mixed with danger another great combination for readers. It will have you biting your nails at one point and be fascinated the next.

Review of Hiding in the light by Rifoa Bary

A nonfiction book about a woman's journey about God against all the odds. Truly inspiring. I would recommend to anyone who has found God or needs to.

Review of The Scoundrel and the Debutante by Julia London

Historical romance and scandal all mixed in one what a intriguing book for anyone who likes historical and romance together.

Review of Buried Threads by Kaylin McFarren

The sequel to Severed Threads by Kaylin McFarren. More treasure and danger. It has natural disaster in this one. Cannot wait to see if there is a third book to come.

Review of Severed Threads by Kaylin Mcfarren

Mix of love and yreasure, deceit and guilt. This book has it all. Intriguing and comes to life.

Review of Flathertys Crossing by Kaylin McFarren

Love and loss always makes for a great book. This book has it all. Everyone loves happy endings mixed with a little sadness. You cannot have one without the other. That's what makes this awesome book. Anyone who loves romance will want to read this book.

Review The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett

Awesome book about good, evil and all that's in between. Characters are interesting. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves fiction and suspense. It leaves you guessing and on the edge of your seat.

Review The Maze by Jason Brannon

Terrifying and exciting at the same time. Starts as a normal day then goes crazy and scary. I would recommend this book to anyone who like reading fiction with fantasy and horror.

My review of The Tears of Nero by Jason Brannon

Mixed with history and horror. All fiction the kind I love to read. If you like to be scared then you need to read this book.

My review of Dying Embers By Glenn Trust

I thought this was a great book. A book about love and hate who wouldn't love it. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves fiction and stories about love and hate. Great characters too. Very relatable so pick up the book and read it.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Link to the reading room of my review of the marriage merger by Jennifer Probst

My review of Exit Strategy by Lena Diaz

I love romance mixed with danger. Always on your toes until the end. The chara terms are related in a way and I can picture the whole story. I would recommend this book to anyone e who lives danger and romance.

My review of Hiring made easy as pie by Alonzo Johnson

A great book for anyone who is looking to learn how to hire someone and it be the right someone. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a job or to hire new people. It gives great tips and advice. Easy to read and understand.

my review of in mysterious ways by Venita Louise

I thought it was a great book about the unexplainable. It was a great read. I would recommend it to anyone who likes books about crop circles and the unexplainable.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My review of Crik by Karl Beer

I thought this was a great read. I wish I knew what my talent was, so I was intrigued by this book. I think teen and adults would love this book. Anything with magic is good too. If you want to read this you should go to Here is a link .

my review of the message by avam hale

I love books about God fiction or real. I am a Christian so anything about God is good. This is a fiction book about God and whether he exists or not. Yes he does. There is a great message in this book. I would recommended this book to anyone who loves God and those who have doubt's. Its a book for all to read.

Friday, May 15, 2015

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

review of grounded by April Scott goss

What a great imagination April Scott Goss has with this book. Its got knights and magic of sorts. Very fascinating to read. A great book for kids who love knights. Adults would like it too. The characters are likable and in a way relatable. It has family and friendship. I feel like I know the characters and care for them. To me that's when the book is awesome and means something.

My review the real doctor will see you shortly by Matt McCarthy

Matt McCarthy wrote a awesome book about his life as a doctor in the beginning. I love to read about doctors and watch shows about them. I have a different opinion on doctors after reading this book. I always like doctors but can't stand the waiting when your there. I changed my mind a little they do care and want to do the best job they can. This book proves that to me. I would recommend this book to people who like reading nonfiction and about doctors.

Friday, May 8, 2015

My review of Animal Alphabet Search by John Priest

I just read Johns Priest's Animal Alphabet Search Learn your ABC's and 123's. My kids absolutely loved the book and wanted to do it again. It is a great book for kids who are about to go to prek or kindergarten. As well as babies who love animals and pictures. I would recommend this book to anyone with kids.